The Snow Trilogy

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The Snow Trilogy comprises “The Gentle Art Of Forgetting”, “The General Theory Of Haunting” and “The Littel Tale Of Delivering (The Sleigh)”. Although the stories can be read independently, in any order, they are all connected. Minor characters in one book become major protagonists in another.

Ideas set up in one story are given further explanations elsewhere. Themes recur in all three, but in different contexts. The 21st of December is a crucial date across the trilogy… they all feature a mysterious box that is the key to secrets… events from hundreds of years ago impact on every work… and love, loss, memory and, of course, snow weave around all three. In “The Gentle Art Of Forgetting”, snow is an agent of memory. In “The Sleigh”, it is an agent of change and in “The General Theory Of Haunting” it has a more sinister purpose.