Cover Stories: Volume 1


COVER STORIES; 8 Classic Songs Remixed As Short Stories

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COVER STORIES; 8 Classic Songs Remixed As Short Stories

A new kind of book that takes some of pop’s greatest tracks and “covers” them as short stories.

Praise for “Cover Stories” “Funny, smart, chilling, moving and ultimately heartbreaking – if you like music, space travel, satire, counterfactual history, love and the human condition… you’ll love these…  This deserves to be on every music lover’s – and everyone else’s – bookshelf.” – Lysette De Montmartre, Amazon.

So would you like to find out…

Where The Beatles’ Dear Prudence went out to play?

Who David Bowie’s Major Tom really was, and how he became lost in space?

Why The Rolling Stones’ Devil needed Sympathy… And more to the point, did he deserve it?

And what does it take to join Ed Sheeran’s A Team?

These and other musical questions are answered in Cover Stories, a literary collection that’ll sit equally at home alongside your LPs as lined up with your books.

The tales travel from Hitler’s bunker to deep space, from boy meets girl, to girl meets drugs. Angels walk in Hackney and New York eats the innocent. The occupants of interplanetary craft have big plans for earth. These stories are moving, thought-provoking and hilarious, often all at once.

This collection is the perfect gift (and self-gift!) for all music fans. We’ve had Britpop, so watch out, here comes Litpop.

Cover Stories has been written in enhanced stereo, so please put on your literary headphones, set the pages to 33rpm and read. LOUD.

Richard Easter has been a professional writer for 30 years. In that time, he’s never been far from music. He’s had a Top 5 single, performed on Top of The Pops three times and played drums for The Bee Gees. Richard’s co-presented shows on BBC Radio 1 and 2, written for the NME, got lost in Broadcasting House with George Michael, watched the KLF burn a wicker man on the Isle of Jura, was first to play the Manic Street Preachers on national daytime radio, wrote ‘The Voice’ and ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ and managed to track down Joy Division’s actual synthesiser, bought it, then broke it. Not a high point.

His debut novel, “The General Theory Of Haunting”, is available from Endeavour Media on Amazon.


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